2022 Professional Standards Self-Assessment tool

The Professional Standards are set of professional aspirations, not a list of competencies. They form a powerful way to look at what skills and attributes a member of teaching staff may need, and how they may want to develop throughout their career.

It is important to bear in mind this is a SELF assessment tool. You may feel as an individual that your skills require improvement in a way that your peers or management may disagree with. This kind of exploration of your current engagement with the Professional Standards is most effective if you are completely honest, even if that means accepting that there are some parts of your work where support or training might be a real priority. If this improves outcomes for yourself and your learners, this is something that your employer should be supportive of.

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*Providing us with the name of your organisation is optional. However, by doing so, it would allow them to access your personal assessment scores and reflections, if requested.